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Anonymous asked:

incest captions

I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying here.  That isn’t a sentence.  Just two words that happen to be tied together with no real clarifying elements joining them.  Are you complaining?  Asking for more?  Supplying me a Jeopardy clue?  Well, to be on the safe side…

Complaining: Get over it and stop looking at my blog if they bother you. 

Request: I appreciate it, I do, but I don’t take requests when it comes to pictures.  Stories, on the other hand, yes.  Pictures, however, you’ll just have to wait for the queue I keep constantly at the maximum to cycle back around to some more familial fun.

Jeopardy Clue: What can be added to seemingly innocent pictures to induce steel-bending erections and Niagra Falls competing wetness in those viewing them?

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  1. writtensmut said: Jeopardy clue. I laughed.
  2. mynaughtypen posted this
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