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In 1963, American Abstract-Experssionist painter, John Kacere (b. 1920 - d. 1999) moved rather suddenly to towards a more Photorealism approach to painting. For the majority of the remainder of his career, his paintings exclusively portrayed the female mid-sections draped in lingerie, painted at a larger than life scale. John soon became an icon of the photorealist movement.


"Bend over. Let’s see how you’ve done."

Inspection, I believe, is a critical part of a D/s relationship. It can be as erotic as it is humbling. It serves as a reminder for the submissive of her desire to be pleasing to her Dominant at all times, both in behavior and in appearance.

Guidance from a Dominant is one thing a submissive craves more than anything, and the simple act of inspection can be one way to provide that. It is not absolutely critical that my submissive be shaved at all times. It is not imperative that she wear the panties I choose. It is not important in the least what she does with her hair. But what is important is that she shows her desire to follow those instructions to the letter. Not only because it pleases me, but because it is discipline. It is structure. It is exactly what she craves on a daily basis.

Instruction is not a matter of power over another. It is fulfilling the desires of the submissive. It is providing both of you, in one simple act, what each needs more than anything else: to please the other.

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